Wednesday, November 14, 2012

More Metal Mania

Walshy with a prime 32kg 
Hi all, well metal madness number 2 from the boys at Yeehaa , with second time again on the ranfurly this season, with even better results than their  first orsum trip. Smashing big kingis on jigs is the name of the game and man they do it well with many many over 20kg, 4 over 30kg with the whopper going 38kg. We had said that there had been not to many big bass landed of late but this would change and Fanus from Auckland sure proved that with this monster that went 65kg on the scales well done that man. Top water also showed signs of improvement with a good bite that resulted in a few in the high 20's, 28kg the best good to see this start to fire. As you read this we are heading again down the furly with yet another mad keen group of metal heads so watch out next week for a full report till then cheers Lance
Fanus with 1 in the high 20's

Fanus with his mule of a bass  65kg

the boys on a hot bite

Tim with another in the 30's

more  mules

walshy again in the action
hot bite on sticky's yeehaa

23kg of stickbait kingi

28kg on the stickbaits

On top fires up yahoo

Long getting railed

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