Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ranfurly Banks

Horse mussel  26kg
Hi all, back from the ranfurly and the place still continues to produce the goods in the way of some great kingi fishing with the boys from Auckland having a ball with 3 days of flat seas and a hot bite to boot. Horse Mussel landed the best of them at 30kg but the rest of the team were not far behind with lots and lots in the high and low 20's , great to see nearly all these fish had there photo taken and returned to the water to grow bigger. Puka fishing was good with most of the fish in the 15-20kg bracket again no real monsters, but plenty of good table fish and a few trumpeter thrown in to make the mix. The weather this last week has been stunning, most days 10-15kts long may it last but knowing ranfurly it won't . till next week cheers Lance
Razer the rod breaker with a nice 28kg

Horse Mussel with the best at 30kg

The boys on a hot bite 3 at once
Brent with the best puka

Saturday, November 24, 2012

More Ranfurly Giants

44kg Mule
 Hi all, well Ranfurly just keeps on cracking out some of the biggest kingi's we have seen in a long while, in the last 2 weeks there have been 3 fish break the magic mark of 40kg, and some super hot bites with jigs,bait and stickbaits all doing the damage. The fish have moved up into the shallows as they get ready to spawn and we have found the deeper spots all go quiet. This week we seen an improvement on the puka with the boys landing some real hogs of them up to 35kg but still no big bass , it seems the puka have move in and the bass out just of late. Water temps continue to rise with them reaching high 16's in the afternoon so dare we say the trips down and back from the bank should start to prove more exciting in the way of trolling. Till next week cheers Lance
32kg puka

Al with the best puka at 35kg

another puka in the 30's

1 of many in the mid 20's

more in the 20's

Monday, November 19, 2012

Ranfurly land of the giants

Chris with a monster trumpet

Jason hooked up on topwater
 Hi all just back from the banks with yet another slammer of a jig trip, Chris Wong lead yet another massive metal raid on Ranfurly with again stunning results. were to start well to begin appox 250 kingfish nailed all on jigs with 5 going over 30kg and Rob's mule that pulled the scales down to 46kg- 101lb  truly the holy grail of kingfish and a mark not many if any will see in there lifetime , the fishing was super hot with many drifts 4 and 5 boys bent on good sized fish. Top water was good as well with Jason nailing the best on top at 27kg and to mix it up a bit trumpeter, bass and puka all fell to the metal baits, no real monsters on the bass and puka but great numbers with the boys nailing a feed in a very short session. The Ranfurly is just getting stronger with every trip a winner at the moment, as water temps continue to rise the kingis will become more aggressive as they rush to build up condition for spawning ,bring it on is all i can say. till next week cheers Lance
Rob with his mule that went 46kg
Tim with a 28kg

Rob again with his mule

3rd photo to try and show the sheer size of this monster 101lb kingfish

Jason with a 27kg  stickbait fish

Rob Wong with his 32 kegger

Richard  with his 30kg king

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

More Metal Mania

Walshy with a prime 32kg 
Hi all, well metal madness number 2 from the boys at Yeehaa , with second time again on the ranfurly this season, with even better results than their  first orsum trip. Smashing big kingis on jigs is the name of the game and man they do it well with many many over 20kg, 4 over 30kg with the whopper going 38kg. We had said that there had been not to many big bass landed of late but this would change and Fanus from Auckland sure proved that with this monster that went 65kg on the scales well done that man. Top water also showed signs of improvement with a good bite that resulted in a few in the high 20's, 28kg the best good to see this start to fire. As you read this we are heading again down the furly with yet another mad keen group of metal heads so watch out next week for a full report till then cheers Lance
Fanus with 1 in the high 20's

Fanus with his mule of a bass  65kg

the boys on a hot bite

Tim with another in the 30's

more  mules

walshy again in the action
hot bite on sticky's yeehaa

23kg of stickbait kingi

28kg on the stickbaits

On top fires up yahoo

Long getting railed

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Ranfurly metal storm

 Hi all, just back from the Ranfurly with the jigging guru Mogi youichi and his bunch of hardcore jiggers, and as the title say's nothing short of a major metal storm was had with many fish going in the high 20's and 3 going over 30 and 1 mule pulling the scales down to 41kg. Hats off to the boys as they had to fish in some shocking weather with most days blowing 25 to 30 kts and even more at times, Fantastic to see that over the 3 days that they fished on the bank over 200 kingis were caught with all but 3 released to fight another day and the 41kg mule swam away strongly to grow even bigger. Puka and bass were targeted with only small to average sized fish encountered not sure why the big boys are hiding at the moment but watch this space as this will change as the water warms up, like wise most of the kingis are in the deep with only rats invading the shallows this will also change as water temps creep slowly up. Well as you read this we are steaming full bore back to the banks so watch  this space  for a full report next week. cheers Lance
a nice 34kegger

2 goody's from a hot bite

41kg of kingi photo shot and released

another in the 30's

the showstopper at 41kg