Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Back on the Ranfurly

Luke with his 32kg PB

John with the hog of the trip 34kg
 Hi all, well good to be back on the water after a brake  with Enchanter being slipped and all polished and painted  for the coming busy season ahead. The Yeehaa boys were the first group of keen lads to have a crack at the Furly and it didn't disappoint with a red hot bite on kingis that lasted all afternoon until the boys one by one put there hand up, it really was a insane bite with 6 or 7 of them  at once getting pulled to the rail time and time again , funny thing was the size, no rats and no real monsters but lots and lots of mid 20kg sized fish. John took the title of biggest at 34kg with Luke not far behide at 32kg. Then to prove it wasn't a fluke they went out and did the same the very next day with over 100  kingis being released to fight another day, top water action was not really an event with the shallows being void of takers just the odd lonely bird wheeling around, and thinking about it the numbers of fish in 120m  no wonder the shallows didn't fire they were all beating up on the bait elsewhere. Puka were found in good numbers and it wasn't long for the boy's to nail a feed all on jigs apart from Tony who was happy just to pull 2 at a time on the ledger rig, No monsters but plenty in the 15kg bracket with a hand full of trumpeter to give a mix. Well this was the first of many trips planned for the furly and all in all a great start, so watch this space in the coming months as we will being doing regular posts from now on. till next week Cheers Lance
Drew and Luke with nice mid 20's

Drew with one off a hot bite

Buzz with another one of many that he nailed

Tony with a nice trumpet

Kieth with our dinner

Boys on 1 of many full house hook up's