Sunday, September 2, 2012

Tagging the giants

Murry with his 215kg fin
 Hi all,  back for our latest blue fin adventure just in time as the wild weather sets in, and man has it set in we were having such a great run with the weather something had to give and it has in a big way with no let up in sight for maybe a week or more. Bugger as the fishing is still pretty good with  Campbell from Tauranga tagging and releasing a fish est at over 300kg  and Murray putting one on the deck that went 215kg  well done guy's. We pulled hooks on two other's one after 2 hours and one straight away not bad for two nights fishing. Many of the fish are still being caught from chumming them up with only a few being caught behide the hoki trawlers, not sure why this is but we find from year to year they seem to change with last year most fish following the trawlers and the 2 years before having to do lots of chumming to get the bites, either way it's still all go and long may they last. Well fingers crossed this shocking weather blows threw quickly and we can get back out there to tangle with the big boy's . Cheers Lance
boy's controlling the 300kg beast

Tagged and ready for release