Saturday, August 18, 2012

West coast bluefin on fire

Gem's 240kg beast

jack's 250kg tag n release

Rod's tag n release

Gem with another tag n release est 220kg
Hi all , well the bluefin are on fire big time with the latest trip a stunner. Rodney Guy lead a group of first time bluefin fisho's on a raid of the west coast with the results that blew the boys away, over the three nights that were fished they kept one for the table and then went on to tag an release 7 others  . pulling the hooks on two and busting 1 off at the boat,  that's an impressive 8 from 11 unreal and the sizes were right up there with 1 Conservatively  est at over 300kg. Many of the fish were from the result of chumming as we found not many on the hoki trawlers. If this is the start all I can say is hold onto your hats there are going to be some epic battles fought and dear i say won and lost, the weather has been as good as the fishing with week after week great south island weather. Roll on next week as we load up for another onslaught of these monsters on steroids. Can't wait  cheers Lance   

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