Saturday, August 25, 2012


Ski's monster est 285kg tagged
Hi all, just back from our latest bluefin trip were we had the boy's from yeehaa fishing tackle  Auckland on the blue monster's. This years trip was to be a bit of a battle of the spin so to speak, john wanting to test out the latest Saltiga 6500 and Tim wanting to catch a giant on the stella 20 000, boys had a show down with john coming up trumps with the new saltiga  in the way of a 270kg giant blue fin and tim getting smoked down to the bottom of the spool and busting off on a fish that never even slowed down, I think he might have been set up with a much larger fish so the odds not totally even. The fishing was pretty good with them landing/tagging 5 from 7 hats off to you guy's you did well and in some shitty weather the first night backing down in 25kts is not that much fun. Still many of the fish we are catching are not on the hoki trawlers they are having to be chummed up not sure why this is as the trawlers are having a bumper season with many 20-30 ton shots (photo) so may mean that with lots of food for them they are not having to feed from the boats, either way the fishing remains good so looking forward to next week when we get back into them. Cheers Lance 
Luke's 200kg 

Tim in action on the stella

John in action on the saltiga

John with the end result
Afternoon snacks

What a 30 ton shot looks like, this is why everyone is here.

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