Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Three kings still ruling

Beaver with the 64kg monster
 Hi all , the Three Kings is still firing like no tomorrow , kingi's still holding in real strong with goldstein (Bruce) landing this weeks whopper at 37kg and the boys landing many more in the high and low 30's. Bass are on the rampage busting up the boys bad, with them in 100mtrs of water they are super  hard to stop and will pull a man to the rail, many busting gear as they hit the reef and run for freedom, Beaver  can lay claim to that as he was rag dolled  along the rail of the boat trying to stop this 64kg giant after at 20min battle it hit the surface and looked like an up turned dingy. Puka fishing was so good it took only half a day to secure a feed for the family's , again it was good to see the group happy to move onto other species once a good feed was caught, as these fish grow about a pound a year and cannot be released. No marlin were seen and water temps are down to 17c and colder in places but who knows be nice to catch one in june as most people are home by there fires. well Enchanter still has 2 more trips to the kings before we close the door up here and head south , stay tuned till next week cheers Lance
Goldstein with the best kingi at 37kg

dave with one in the 30's

Chriss with his 50kg  hog

Lee with a monster double

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