Friday, June 1, 2012

Three Kings rule

Drews 34kg 
 Hi all , well what can i say apart from the Three kings rule big time . Check out some of these hogs that the T.M.P fishing club from Auckland landed, in a unbelievable bite on the middlesex bank that ended with 2 over 40kg and 10 over 30kg. Loads and loads of bait has turned up there (photo of sounder) and its like a war zone with kingi's, marlin and bass all having a good go at it . After stunning kingi fishing the lures went it for 3 mins and we were bit on a double with matty landing this fine 120kg strippy and the other pulling the hook. Fishing doesn't get any better with big bass hitting hard if you drop to the bottom and kingis biting hard mid water and marlin on the top. Wow life's  good  and good weather as well, we keep looking over our shoulder for the wheels to fall off but as they say we must take the good with the bad and at the moment it's all good, till next week cheers Lance 
Alton with another in the 30's

Daves 41kg hog

Matty's 40kg puka

middlesex bank loaded

drew 39kg kingi

Matt's 50kg bass

Damo with one in the 40's
bitch with the 43kg monster

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