Saturday, June 16, 2012

Three Kings End of a great season

Troy with a nice 30kg bass
 Well as you read this Enchanter and crew are on the way south for Whakatane , with this years Kings run done and dustered . What a season it has been just look though the reports and they speak  for themselves , it started the way it finished on fire with trip after trip just great fishing we were waiting for the wheels to fall off and the fishing to slow but it never got close to slowing down .; The last trip was a cracker as well with Troy and his family nailing some great kingi's , puka  and  a few bluenose and king terikihi thrown in to make the mix. The Kings are in great shape and long may they stay that way with many groups releasing most of what they caught and taking a modest feed for the family, we sure live in a great part of the world. This will be the last report for a few weeks until Enchanter heads down deep south for the giant bluefin , so stay tuned for August reports on them. Cheers Lance
Shane with his 32kg kingi

Troy  with a nice bluenose

Boys getting into the puka big time everyone hooked up

Shaun with a good puka

Shaun with yet another in the 30's

Troy with another 30 plus

Boys with some that they got around the island

More 30's 

And yet more 30's

Danny with his hog

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