Monday, June 11, 2012

heavy metal three kings

Dean's 36kg hog
 Hi all well what at week it has been , we have had Jason kemp lead a group of metal heads to the kings in a storming run on big kingi's and bass that made everyone's head spin , not many times in a five day trip do we see 13 kingi's weigh in over 30kg and two bass go over 50kg with many more pulling the scales down to the high 40's . The Three Kings Has to be fishing at it's best  for the season and it;s June when most fisho's are home by the fire. They say talk is cheap so I'll let the photo's talk for me , just check out some of these hog's below. Water temps are down to 16c and I am sure that's the end of the game season but with whats still on offer not to much to be sad about, well 1 more trip and it's home james for Enchanter and crew till next week cheers Lance
Gary with a 34kg

Chris tackletesting

Dean getting railed

Gary with 1 of the 5  in the 30's that he caught

Chris doing battle

Justin with his 31 kegger

Justin getting railed 

Justin with more in the 30's

Jason with another in the 30's

 Gary with another 34kg

Chris with a 33kg pig

Jason with his 37kg 

Dean with a 38kg puka

Chris with the 66kg donkey

Dean with his 56kg puppy

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