Monday, May 7, 2012

Three Kings Land of the Giants

Andy's 34kg kingi
 Hi all, the kings just keeps on turning out great trips one after the other. Latest trip was yet another goody with big bass invading the shallows, it's abit like land of the giants with monster bass on the prowl attacking anything in there way, smashing tackle and men that try to stop them. really it's crazy fishing with the boy's spending 4 hours of bottom fishing out of the five day's that was all they needed to take home a respectable feed for family and friends. The rest of the time was spent chasing the kingi's and targeting marlin was good results there as well, Andy with the best at 34kg with many others in the high 20's and low 30's . One monster stripey was landed by Mark stannard  that taped out at 152kg biggest one for us this season well done Mark. till next week cheers Lance
 40kg bass

Hodgy's 36kg bass

Andy's 48kg monster

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