Friday, May 25, 2012

three kings all good

Quintin with his 32kg kingi
Hi all. well as the title say's it's all good at the kings with the last group having a blinder in the way of bass, kingi's and even marlin. In fact the puka fishing was so good we only managed to do 3 hours puka fishing to fill the needs of the table with many of the boys pulling up doubles 1 after the other, the best going 40kg, good to see that most groups are happy to move onto other species once they have a good feed secured, as these fish are very slow growing and must be treated with that in mind.Water temps continue to fall but there are still some hungry marlin around with the Quintin nailing a nice one for the smoker. Kingi's still shine threw  strong as ever with Royce boating the weeks hog at 37kg and Quintin a close second at 32kg. Bait fishing in the morning is good fun with many big trev,s turning up in the burly, Chris nailed this monster all while try to catch bait, great fun on light line. Cheers till next week Lance
Royce with the hog of the trip at 37kg

Chriss with a fine 6kg trev

Quintin with 1 of many doubles

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