Sunday, May 20, 2012

metal madness 3 kings

Hi all , as the post before say's dam the weather has been a major player this season, with trip after trip sh#t weather , this year is going to be remembered as the year of the weather, never have we had to put up with weeks and weeks of it. Lucky that the fishing has made up for it with week after week good to great results, latest trip was coxy from the coast with his merry jigging men and despite the weather they had a ball with no fewer than 13 kingi's over the magic 30kg mark, quite outstanding really and some monster puka as well, the best weighing in at 40kg and all on jigs as well with no bait used. Marlin have taken a big knock back with all the south westerly's and temps have cooled to a low of 16-17c not sure if it can make a come back but watch this space as we have still a month more of kings trips to do. till next week cheers Lance

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