Friday, May 25, 2012

three kings all good

Quintin with his 32kg kingi
Hi all. well as the title say's it's all good at the kings with the last group having a blinder in the way of bass, kingi's and even marlin. In fact the puka fishing was so good we only managed to do 3 hours puka fishing to fill the needs of the table with many of the boys pulling up doubles 1 after the other, the best going 40kg, good to see that most groups are happy to move onto other species once they have a good feed secured, as these fish are very slow growing and must be treated with that in mind.Water temps continue to fall but there are still some hungry marlin around with the Quintin nailing a nice one for the smoker. Kingi's still shine threw  strong as ever with Royce boating the weeks hog at 37kg and Quintin a close second at 32kg. Bait fishing in the morning is good fun with many big trev,s turning up in the burly, Chris nailed this monster all while try to catch bait, great fun on light line. Cheers till next week Lance
Royce with the hog of the trip at 37kg

Chriss with a fine 6kg trev

Quintin with 1 of many doubles

Sunday, May 20, 2012

metal madness 3 kings

Hi all , as the post before say's dam the weather has been a major player this season, with trip after trip sh#t weather , this year is going to be remembered as the year of the weather, never have we had to put up with weeks and weeks of it. Lucky that the fishing has made up for it with week after week good to great results, latest trip was coxy from the coast with his merry jigging men and despite the weather they had a ball with no fewer than 13 kingi's over the magic 30kg mark, quite outstanding really and some monster puka as well, the best weighing in at 40kg and all on jigs as well with no bait used. Marlin have taken a big knock back with all the south westerly's and temps have cooled to a low of 16-17c not sure if it can make a come back but watch this space as we have still a month more of kings trips to do. till next week cheers Lance

Saturday, May 19, 2012

boy's jigging in a bit of weather

report to follow but here's what the season has been like . not flash weather at all the boys in action .

Friday, May 11, 2012

Land of the giants continued

Jeremy with his 46kg bass  
 Hi all , well its land of the giants continued all right. Mike Nelson and his mates just smashed the records apart with an amazing run on monster fish , they took out the biggest    kingi this season that has been caught at the kings, and followed up with some of the biggest bass as well, we keep on saying it the three kings rock and all in two  days of fishing with the weather being so bad that only 2 days of the 5 could be spent at the kings the rest of the time it was having to make the most of the fishing on the coast which wasn't to bad either with cape Reinga   producing some nice kingi's in the high 20's good to warm up on,  as they were waiting for the weather to improve. This season is shore going down as the one for weather bad that is we just keep on getting gale warnings one after the other, and as we look to our next trip yep more of them on the way. Least the fishing is great it would be hard to put up with crap weather and crap fishing so we will take the good fishing with both hands till next week cheers Lance
Murray with the showstopper 65kg

Nev holds up his 45kg bass

Brett with a nice 36kg

Nev with his 34 keger 

Anthony struggles to lift the biggest kingi of them all 43kg

again Anthonys 43kg mule 

Monday, May 7, 2012

Three Kings Land of the Giants

Andy's 34kg kingi
 Hi all, the kings just keeps on turning out great trips one after the other. Latest trip was yet another goody with big bass invading the shallows, it's abit like land of the giants with monster bass on the prowl attacking anything in there way, smashing tackle and men that try to stop them. really it's crazy fishing with the boy's spending 4 hours of bottom fishing out of the five day's that was all they needed to take home a respectable feed for family and friends. The rest of the time was spent chasing the kingi's and targeting marlin was good results there as well, Andy with the best at 34kg with many others in the high 20's and low 30's . One monster stripey was landed by Mark stannard  that taped out at 152kg biggest one for us this season well done Mark. till next week cheers Lance
 40kg bass

Hodgy's 36kg bass

Andy's 48kg monster

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


 Hi all, the kings is just cracking great trips out again and again as Stu Smith and some of his mates found out, the boys had an absolute field day with everything they turned their hand too, bass to 54kg, kingi's to 34kg and marlin were on the bite as well, it really doesn't get much better and respectable weather as well . Good to see the marlin fire up again as they have been abit slow in the last few trips, but to be fair we haven't been spending lots of time chasing them either. As you read this we are again on our way up for another 5 days of maddness , with good weather forecast and a good bunch of buggers on board look out for next weeks report. Cheers Lance