Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Three kings

Kane with his 32kg kingi

 Hi all , just back from the kings and another goody was had with the  boys from mooloo county. Kingi's are just on fire at the moment with the boys nailing 7 over 30kg and the best going 36kg, the king bank has bounced back with most of the big kings coming from there. Bass fired up with Phil  landing the best at 55kg and Buster not far behind with some very impressive puka. Marlin were back on the bite with the boys tagging 1 and keeping 1 for the smoker with several other shots had. Sharks are the big problem at the moment with at times 4 sharks on when drifting koies for marlin. Gear again was a problem for some of the guys with Steven van der steeg losing all his top fish to faulty gear, these fish up here have to be respected and any fault in the gear will see you paying the price.




Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Hi all , well someone had to strike gold at the kings and it was the YeeHaa team that did just that in the way of monster kingi's and xox sized puka's and bass, in fact no fewer than 11 kingfish over 30kg and most of the puka an bass braking the 40kg barrier. To be fair it was a metal storm to the max with the boys all jiggers, goes to show the modern jigger is a force to be reckond with. The gear they are bringing is lighter, stronger and faster in the way of hitting the strike zone , not to knock bait fisherman as everything has a time and a place but if you are into your fishing big time one of these light fast sets are another string to your bow. Great to have good fishing and good weather long may it last

Friday, April 13, 2012


Hi all well finerly we got what we wished for in the way of some calm weather, great to be at the kings with glassey calm seas only thing is the fish were in cruize mode as well, but as i say a hard day at the three kings is like a good day elsewere. The photo's do the talking as David from Auckland holds up the best bass at 48kg , below Anna holds her 28kg kingi and Dave again with a nice one in the high 20's. The group were jiggers and they were still manageing 20 fish a day slow for the kings but still not to bad. Funny game we play seems if it's blowing it's tit's off the fishing is on fire, not sure which is best bad weather and hot fishing or calm weather with hard fishing anyways we will take what comes. till next week cheers Lance

Sunday, April 8, 2012


Stu Mitchel with a nice 14lb west coast snapper

Hi all yet again the word is weather and plenty of it ,in fact the weather was so bad on the last trip we had to fish on the west coast and never made it to the three kings, there just seems to be no let up with it week after week . Least the fishing on the west coast was good with some of the best snapper fishing we have seen this year, kingis were on the bite as well with Jamie from Auckland landing the whopper of the week at 31kg . Till next week were we can have a positive report with some decent weather in it. Cheers Lance

Sunday, April 1, 2012


Hi all, well the weather is a mayor player this season as yet another storm looms down on us , week after week there seems to be no let up to this wierd weather we keep experancing hhhthe Vantage Window's crew found out. Whooper of the week went to Chris with her 43kg bass and not far behind was Phil with his 41kg model. kingis were still on the bite with pauly the window man nailing the best at 38kg, with many more going in the high 20's and 2 more in the 30's. Marlin were found to be in favour with the group tagging 2 keeping 1 for the smoker and pulling the hooks on a very big broadbill after 2 and a bit hours, well done guy's.
Hi all well the word is weather and plenty of it, not a week goes by without gale force winds in the forecast but in between the blows there is some great fishing to be had as the Vantage window team found out with the latest trip. Best bass went to Chris at 43kg with Phil close behind at 41kg. kingi's bit well with pauly the window man nailing a whopper at 38kg with many others in the high 20's and 2 more in the 30's. Marlin were also playing ball with the group tagging 2 and keeping 1 for the smoker. Hard luck story must go to Shaun playing a big broadbill swordfish for 2 and a bit hours only to pull the hooks hard luck Shaun least you got to tangle with the gladiator of the sea Left Chris with her 43kg bass and below with her big brother Shaun and there bass

Shaun with his 32kg, Paul with his 38kg and Chris with yet another in the high 20's