Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Three Kings

Hi all , just back from our second trip from the three kings and despite the weather being shocking to say the least the fishing was red hot on all fronts. The Fisheads fishing club from Auckland braved some of the worst weather Enchanter has fished in and to there credit they came up trumps , even backing up on marlin in 40kts plus of weather didn't slow these boys down I guess they breed them tough to join this club. Kingis were again stunning with many in the high 20's and a few over 30kg to make things interesting, bass rule this bank (king) as it was with only a few hapuka landed and the rest being xox sized bass with Ron Edgerton landing the best just on 50kg. Just the 1 marlin landed that taped out at 120kg much to the delight of Brent, well done guy's you deserve every fish you landed in those extremme conditions

Bob and brent with great variety in 1 drift

Ron get's steve to help him hold up his double of monster Bass

Action Jackson with a nice double as well

Right Ron with his 50kg mule

Samoa and bob with there monster kingi's

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