Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Hi all, well Enchanter has made the long trek north to the productive waters around the three king islands, great to be back in the north. The first trip was Jeremy Powell and his mates with the fishing stunning on most fronts, besides the weather bomb that arrived in the middle of the trip the boys went on to boat hog sized kingi's in the 25kg-36kg bracket one after each other in a hot bite that just didn't stop. Puka and bass were keen to play the game as well with J.P landing a mule that pulled the scales down to 51kg, marlin were the only thing that didn't shine with us only seeing the one and dropped it on the trace. If this is the sort of fishing the kings are going to produce be well warned come up here with the biggest and best tackle you own or pay the price in the way of lost monsters. till next week cheers Lance. Top Matt's 33kg kingi, Below Shane and Nigel with there 30kg plus kingi's

Left top Chucky with his 34kg mule and Matt with another in the high 30's. J.P with his 51kg bass. well done guy's you have set the bar high that's for sure.

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