Thursday, March 22, 2012


Photo's top left Darrel with his first marlin.

Hi all, well we live in a great place where in the world can you catch monster kingi's in the morning, huge bass in the afternoon and big marlin in the evening, the three kings that's where. Latest trip was yet another blinder with the boys scoring high on all fields, they got kingi's to 36kg, bass to 55kg and a good stripey just to top it off. they deserved every fish they caught as some days the weather was shocking to say the least. This season has to be one of the best fish wise but the worst weather wise, never have we had to put up with week after week of bad weather to the point of this week canceled out as yet another storm looms down on us, we feel for the group that made there way across the ditch this week only to be told no way could we sail, well guy's the fish will be bigger next year just part of the game we play. Cheers Lance

Hi all the three kings rock big time. Man we live in a great place, were in the world can you catch monster kingi's in the morning, massive bass in the afternoon and big striped marlin in the evening, the three kings thats were. Latest trip was another blinder with the boys nailing monsters in every aspect of the trip,kingi's are red hot at the moment with most in the high 20's and many in the 30's, bass are prowling the king bank and attacking anything in there way, the boys fished for puka only 3 hours on a five day trip to fill the needs of a feed for the folks back home. marlin fishing is good if you put in the time but they are not in large numbers yet and i say yet watch this space. The weather has been just shocking and looks likely to be that way for awhile yet something we are getting used to. Til next week cheers Lance

Duggy with his 55kg and Lucus with his 40kg+ bass

Brett with a 40kg bass and his 33kg kingi

Left Darren with his 36kg, John with yet another in the low 30's and Russell with his P.B of 32kg. Well done guy's

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Three Kings

Hi all , just back from our second trip from the three kings and despite the weather being shocking to say the least the fishing was red hot on all fronts. The Fisheads fishing club from Auckland braved some of the worst weather Enchanter has fished in and to there credit they came up trumps , even backing up on marlin in 40kts plus of weather didn't slow these boys down I guess they breed them tough to join this club. Kingis were again stunning with many in the high 20's and a few over 30kg to make things interesting, bass rule this bank (king) as it was with only a few hapuka landed and the rest being xox sized bass with Ron Edgerton landing the best just on 50kg. Just the 1 marlin landed that taped out at 120kg much to the delight of Brent, well done guy's you deserve every fish you landed in those extremme conditions

Bob and brent with great variety in 1 drift

Ron get's steve to help him hold up his double of monster Bass

Action Jackson with a nice double as well

Right Ron with his 50kg mule

Samoa and bob with there monster kingi's

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Hi all, well Enchanter has made the long trek north to the productive waters around the three king islands, great to be back in the north. The first trip was Jeremy Powell and his mates with the fishing stunning on most fronts, besides the weather bomb that arrived in the middle of the trip the boys went on to boat hog sized kingi's in the 25kg-36kg bracket one after each other in a hot bite that just didn't stop. Puka and bass were keen to play the game as well with J.P landing a mule that pulled the scales down to 51kg, marlin were the only thing that didn't shine with us only seeing the one and dropped it on the trace. If this is the sort of fishing the kings are going to produce be well warned come up here with the biggest and best tackle you own or pay the price in the way of lost monsters. till next week cheers Lance. Top Matt's 33kg kingi, Below Shane and Nigel with there 30kg plus kingi's

Left top Chucky with his 34kg mule and Matt with another in the high 30's. J.P with his 51kg bass. well done guy's you have set the bar high that's for sure.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Left Jason's blue

Hi all the latest trip down the ranfurly was a slammer in every way, the boy's from Hiway Stabilizers having a blinder of a trip with kingi's that bit from daybreak til dark. most of the boy's getting P.B's in the morning and braking them in the afternoon on a hot bite that just didn't stop, 6 kingi's over 30kg with the best going to Simon at 38kg. Next it was puka and bass that came in too by too with double headers up to 40kg, some of the biggest true puka we have seen in a long time, and not stopping there they went on to boat some of the biggest trumpeter we have seen as well with them pulling the scales down to 15kg wow how do you top that, no problem with Jason landing a blue marlin that tapped out at 200kg's holy smoke boy's trips do not get much better well done .cheers Lance