Sunday, February 12, 2012


Hi all well at long last our game season has been kicked of with Paul from Auckland tagging and releasing a nice stripey on the way home from our latest ranfully, and to be fair it was the icing on the cake from at ripper of a ranfurly trip.The boys had a ball with a red hot bite that just got better and better as the trip got longer, Pb's were being smashed day after day with a sensational kingi bite. top three went 36kg,38kg and a brute that pulled the scales down to 42kg, not to mention a hot run on the puka to 35kg with many doubles. This season is going down as a stunner with 5 fish over the 40kg mark , Ranfurly rocks. till next week cheers Lance

Craig's brute 42kg the photo doesn't do it justice

Paul's 36 kegger

Sean's double of hapuka

Craig showing he to can boat doubles

Brad's 35 kegger

well done guy's big thumbs up

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