Monday, January 30, 2012

Ranfurly Giants

Hi all well the banks are on fire again in the way of monster hapuka, some of the biggest puka we have seen in a long while Darren Steel and his mate's were right into the action with puka to 42kg, yes thats puka not bass, hard to believe that puka are still around in that size xxxos that's for sure, and to top it all the boy's nailed some bluenose in the 18kg bracket. Kingi's were on the bite as well with the best going 34kg with many others not for behind, well done boy's Cheer's Lance

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ranfurly banks madness

Hi all, just back form the ranfurly and still cannot believe what the boy's done in the way of monster kingi's. Grant Speed led a group of hardcore Aussie jiggers on a storming rampage of the banks with what would have to be the most epic bite this season, at the end a total of 20 plus kingi's over 30kg and 8 going over 35kg strait up no bull just look at a few of the photo's. man of the match had to go to James Moody with a tally of 7 over 30 for the trip and Daniel Anderson (Sweden) taking out the brute of the lot at 39kg. Never have I seen anything like it with the boy's releasing mid 20's smiling and saying just another ranfurly rat !!!. All the fish were in the shallows making for some brutal battles some won some lost, well done to the boy's they had a cracker that's for sure. Cheers Lance

Top crewman Steven Gray with his p.b of 35kg,left Anthony Camp 34kg,below Sweden 36kg

Below James and Wilson 32kg&30kg

Right Sweden with the 39kg brute

Left Moody 34kg and below Speedy 31kg

Saturday, January 21, 2012

white island

Hi all, well white island is still producing the goods at the moment in the way of some good kingi's and big bluenose, the latest trip was a goody with Mark Charlton coming up trumps with the best kingi at 30kg and to boot the best bluenose of the trip at 16kg well done Mark .We had our first marlin shoot of the season as well, with water temps up to 21c in places here's hopeing for a good game season. till next week cheers Lance

Mark with his monsters

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Hi all, well white island has been running hot and cold of late with on the wrong day it's hard to get a bite and on the right day it's show stoppers like the one the boy's from Singapore nailed on a stickbait, measured out at a whopping great 156cm and 48kg that's the largest kingi on a stickbait that we know of, well done to Ben and his friend's for there first trip to NZ they have set the bar very high. Second and third places went 26kg and 23kg and to prove you can catch bluenose on jigs they went on to bin some prime white island bluenose top trip and great bunch of guy's what it's all about. till next week Cheers Lance

The 48kg monster

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Hi all, Just back from our first ranfurly of the year and all is well on the banks. Puka and bass still on fire with several double headers no monsters but good fish in the 20-30kg bracket, kingis were ok with the best going to Quintin Quider at 27kg. Livie fishing was a non event with all the rain hicks bay was a mud pool and the boy's struggled to get any bait so it was a crash course on jigging. Water temps are right up pushing 21c in places and waihou bay weighing there first stripey, the ball has been kicked off at long last so should make some exciting times for the journey back and forth to the ranfurly. till next week Cheers Lance

Photo Quintin's 27kg kingi