Friday, December 9, 2011


HI all, Ranfurly banks just keeps on producing show stoppers in the way of monster bass, puka and kingfish, the place is just loaded at the moment, in fact is is very hard to get away from the hungry puka an bass no matter what you target they are there and they are not small either as Julie Stubbs found out with this 65kg brute, not far behind was hash whitehead with his 45kg model. the best kingi went 33kg with several others in the high to mid 20's it's a great place to be at the moment and with water temps up to 19c traveling back and forth will have some form of result in the way of pelegic's, bring it on.

Top Julie's monster. Right Hash's bass below his 33kg kingi. Well done boy's and girls. showstoppers till next week Lance

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