Tuesday, November 8, 2011


The boys hard at work testing tackle, tough job but someone has to do it.

Right Pony's 39kg mule
top left 34kg Right 32kg

Right 36kg

51kg bass

Left the 48kg giant, not a good photo our poor angler was struggling to lift it
good news is that it's all on video as they were shooting a DVD,it will be a must see when it comes out next year.

Left 33kg

Hi all, as the heading Say's Ranfurly sure rocks at the moment, world class fish are being nailed with the boats record kingi of 47kg that has been there for 6 years falling. Pony Lou of jigging master and his boys were back again to test some more of there fine gear, It was big kingi's and big bass the order of the trip and the place didn't disappoint, with the first day of there trip the boys released several fish in there high twenty's and 2 over 30kg sling weighing 34kg an 36kg. day 2 upped the anty with 2 more fish going over the hog mark of 30kg, they weighed in at 32kg and pony's one pulling the scales down to 39kg just under the 40 by a whisker. Day 3 was bass day and again the fish played ball biting the metal with vigor, best one weighing in at 51kg with second 45kg and 36kg, day four our last day on the bank and again it was all on, the kingi's smashing the jigs with vengeance with 2 more over 30kg that weighed 33kg and yes 48kg !!!!! a new boat record, the best thing about it was it was quickly sling weighed photo's shot and released in good shape to grow bigger, big thumbs up to the boys only 1 kingi was taken for the table great to see. Well what a start to the new season Ranfurly Rocks. till next week cheers Lance

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