Monday, November 28, 2011

Ranfurly Rippers

Hi all well the title Say's it, Ranfurly is still on fire with yet another ripper of a trip. Dion Ward Allan and his friends had a ball with monster hapuka,bass and kingi's till there arm's were sore, the size of the true puka's was huge with them averaging 20-40kg just about as big as there bass mates, and kingi's to 35kg again have set the bar very high, if fact the puka fishing was so good that they were all finished by 9.30 in the morning with the rest of the day fulled catching kingi after kingi. Sooner or later this fishing must slow down to normal but at the moment we will have to put up with it. well done boy's big thumb's up.

Top left Dylan's Tantrum's 42kg bass,Right Shaun Grigg's 35kg horse

Left Shaun's 40kg bass, Below Dylan's double header of puka's

Left Dion's monster 38kg puka
Below Dylan's 26kg king

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