Thursday, November 24, 2011

Ranfurly Banks

Hi all well were to start, we have just returned from a back to back ranfurly with Chris Wong and jig star Africa. Man what a Marathon some of the numbers of fish caught are just about unbelievable but here we go, try 714 kingfish caught, 14 over 30kg and 3 over 35kg, best 2 were even at 38kg all fish were released to fight another day. Best one on a stick bait was 28kg with several others going high 20's . The weather at times was just shocking with gale warnings in force and calm sea's on only 2 or three days of the trip, the boys were like machine's with Henry landing 50 kings in 1 day not bad at all, ranfurly just keeps on turning out winners trip after trip, most of the kingi's were fat as pigs putting on condition for spawning. Best puka went 40kg as a by catch with the boys here for big kings only and they got what they came for, well done guy's legend's cheers Lance

Top left Chris Wong's 28kg on a sticky, below left Craig's 31kg, Right Henry oosthuizen's 38kg

Left Henry doing battle

Right Dean Riley's 32kg,below right Henry's 27kg on stick bait.

Right John Tran's 36kg
Below John Riley's 33kg

Below Rob Wong's 35kg

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