Saturday, September 10, 2011


Hi all, bit of a round up of the last few trips, weather has made it testing to get the last couple done, and fishing was still good but we had to work at it. fish size was the problem they are mostly monsters and very hard to stop, some fights going 7 hours just to end in tears and to there credit some being boated after many hours of see saw battling.This fishery is in very good shape with most fish pushing up and over 300kg and good fishing right to the end, as you read this Enchanter and crew are heading home back to the bay and as of next week all charter boats will have finished there work there, whats strange is there will be good fishing right up to the end of the month with no one to capitalize on it dam recession. Top our crewmen Zane and Steven with Zanes fish that tapped out at 300kg

Zanes hog

The crew's turn on the rods this is Steven's fish just tagged

Craig from napier with his 305kg monster after a 6 hour battle well done craig

Young and his mates from Auckland land this 280kg mule after a 4 hour fight, shot guys