Tuesday, August 23, 2011

HOT TUNA !!!!!

Hi all, well hot tuna it is alright, the last group was yeehaa from Auckland and they came for tuna and were not disappointed landing 3 and tagging 5 of the monsters biggest 350kg and to boot ski landed 1 on a 20,000 stella that went 276kg wow what an orsum feat , all in a 72hr trip now thats hot tuna fishing in anyone's language. Crewman Zane flutey with the 2 southerns 140kg and 120kg This is what 100mtrs of hoki looks like on the sounder, this is why everyone is here, tuna,trawlers and us.

The hoki express, boy's cutting up all the chum.

Ski's 276kg monster we could not walk passed it ,it took up the whole side.

Brian's 220kg landed

Brian's 230kg tagged fish

Friday, August 19, 2011


Hi all, good to be back on the water and down south chasing those giants of the west coast , just done our first trip and what a blinder it was, Ian Potts and his friends busted the season open with stile, nailing 5 from 7 bites on a 48hr trip best one taged an released at a estamated 300kg
with another two taged going 270kg and 250kg, they boated 2 for the family and friends to eat at 260 and 170kg all in 48hrs now thats hot fishing in anyones langage. The strange thing about it was none of the fish were caught from the trawlers they where all caught from cubeing, bitterly cold down here but totaly worth it , will keep you posted on the next few trips . cheers Lance