Sunday, June 12, 2011


Top left Sheep rat's 30kg kingi, Cory's marlin, next left Punchy's 32kg king and bottom Dave's 34kg kingi well done guy's

Hi all, well this years run to the three kings is all done and dusted and the last trip was a goody as well. Water temps that were up and down like a yoyo made marlin fishing frustrating at best, but again the temps rose to 19.6c on the middlesex bank with marlin biting well, Cory of DCN drilling found his first stripey and a good one at that taping out just under 140kg well done Cory, another one was dropped and several more seen feeding, unreal for the 6th of june. Kingi fishing again was on fire at the middlesex with 5 fish over 30kg, this bank has been the strong hold all season for the reef thugs and good to see it firing right till the last. Bass and puka still holding up well with many in the 40-50kg bracket, great to see people taking enough for a modest feed and being happy to go onto another species when that was done. In summary the kings run was good start till finish with many trips people achieving there PB's, a very special place indeed with some of the country's best fishing right till we signed off, didn't seem to matter which month was booked the same great results were found. We now head Enchanter south for Whakatane were we have some Ranfurly Banks trips and then down to Greymouth to chase those monster bluefin, there is still room for a couple more trips and one trip that needs a few more people to join, so if your are thinking about going for one of these giants give us a bell. Cheers Lance

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Left Clint's 34kg kingi. Right Muzza's 50kg bass

Hi all, man this crazy weather we are having so many gale warnings in force its not funny, seems we cannot go more than 4 or 5 days with one being issued. Still between the blows there is some great fishing still to be had, whopper of the week on kingi's goes to Clint Boon of whakatane with a mule of a kingi pulling the scales down to 34kg, and to prove it was no fluke he also managed 1 more in the 30's and 3 in the high 20's well done Clint. Bass and puka still firing well with muzza nailing this 50kg monster. Marlin well we just don't talk of them anymore they are still around but scarce, we will put this marlin season down to rest as a shocker that promised so much but delivied so little, well as you read this Enchanter and crew are on the last trip up the kings for the season, will have a full report to follow. Cheers Lance