Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Hi all, just back from the kings and the news on the marlin front is all good, with the temps back up to 20c the fish have again turned up in numbers music to our ears. Kingi's still holding up well with the middlesex bank the strong hold. Good to see a few big bass showing again with Andrew Cox's 65kg mule the best of a very good bite, all on jigs as well who say's you need bait to catch puka, well still some good fishing to be had even though we are starting to wind down. three more kings trips and Enchanter and crew will be heading south and looking for the giant bluefin off the west coast, we still have a few spots left for bluefin trips and 1 trip that needs 3 more people if anyone is keen on bagging one of these giants drop us an email. cheers Lance

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Three kings

Hi all, well this weather is not making life easy seems we can not go a week with out a gale warning in force, but between the blows the fishing is still holding up, marlin again prove to be elusive but everything else is trucking along nicely. Whopper of the week went to Shae Crossan of tauranga at 32kg , puka and bass still biting well no mules of late just good numbers in the 20-30kg bracket and nothing wrong with that.Till next week cheers Lance. Photo Shae's 32kg kingi

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Hi all well finally some good news on the marlin front, water temps have gone up to 20c on the middlesex bank and marlin have shown up in good numbers. Last group from Hiway stabilizers Auckland scored well with a treble on stripey's all on baits well done boy's. Kingi fishing still remains good with the boy's pulling out some mules in the way of 32kg and 31kg the best. Bass and puka playing the game as well, no real monsters but plenty in the 20-30kg bracket. Top Pistol Pete's 29kg kingi and bottom Brett Carbine's 32kg mule Till next week Cheers Lance.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Hodgy;s 28lber
Below Mark's 25lber
bottom Matt's 40kg kingi

Hi all, well the weather over the last week has been a shocker to say the least, but still managed to get out and about with good to great results. kingi fishing at the kings still very much on fire with Matt from wellington nailing the whopper of the week at just on 40kg nice one Matt, cape maria had some just stunning snapper fishing with mark stanard and his mate hodgy landing the best 2 at 28lb and 25lb , many others in the high teens as well some of the better snapper fishing that we have seen in a long while. Water temps are still low and marlin very slow at the kings if you are after a marlin don't go past north cape. till next week cheers Lance