Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Hi all, well what a difference a day makes or week as it may be. the water has gone cold at the kings and just at the moment so have the marlin, still good water at the hook and cape with boats doing ok, but if it's marlin you want don't go passed north cape. The last trip with David Jewell and his mates was a good one but no cigar on the billfish, we had to be happy with the 48kg bass and 38kg hapuka as the biggy's of the trip, still some nice kingi's landed as well as the welcome king tera's prime table fish the latter. Hard luck story of the trip has to go to Rodger who lost a big broadbill sword fish after nearly 4 hours of hard work, what made it harder was all on board seen the size as it made an attempt to jump with most of the fish clear of the water. till next week cheer's Lance Right David Jewell's 38kg puka Below Mike's 48kg bass well done boy's

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