Friday, April 15, 2011


Hi all just back from the kings with some more metal madness, Yeehaa and co did the last 5 days and had a ball on kingi's, they nailed 6 over 30kg with the best going 36kg, bass to 50 kg and 2 marlin as well. First the marlin fishing at the kings is not good with cold and green water, if it's billfish you want then don't go past north cape , both marlin on this trip were caught well south of the 3 kings, once up there it's full on action with kingi's on the middlesex bank firing better than the king bank, most kingi's averaging 25kg plus. If it's big bass you want then over to the king bank you must go with good bottom fishing on puka and bass lots over 35kg as well. First below Justin Kemp with a 34kg hog, next Lee Scurrah with his 32kg mule, then Ken Yang with his 130kg stripey not the best photo as the fish bit as it was going dark, last but not least Brian Jones with his monster hapuka yes puka's not bass. Well done boy's all on jigs who say's you can't catch puka on jigs til next week cheers Lance

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