Saturday, April 9, 2011


Hi all, just back from the kings with a happy bunch of Aussy jiggers these boys sure know how to swing heavy metal all day none stop, made me tired just watching and i must say with some great result's. Best kingi went 38kg close second 36kg with 3 more breaking the magic 30kg mark, not bad 5 kingi's over 30kg is good in any mans language. best bass wet a whooping 64kg true horse of a fish, sure glad the puka and kingi's are playing ball because the marlin are sure not, there has been 1 marlin caught at the kings in the last 10 days shocking. til next week cheers Lance.

Top left and bottom Shaun Cummings with his 36kg kingi an 64kg bass. Right Mario Aquilina wioth the best kingi of the trip 38kg well done boy's big thumbs up.

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