Thursday, March 24, 2011


Hi all just back from our first of many three kings trips and what a cracker it was. We had Chris Wong and his merry jigging men on the trip , the target was xos kingi's and bass, the place didn't disappoint the best kingi went 44kg and the best bass a whopping 81kg unreal !!! and all on heavy y metal as well. The boys managed 9 kingi's over 30kg, 3 over 35kg and 1 over 40kg not bad in any ones books that's for sure, water temps are freezing up on the banks with 15c on the king bank and not much better on the middldesex. marlin was to be the bonus for this jig only trip and to be fair the coast is fishing ok for marlin but not the kings, in saying that we still managed to hook up a stripey on a jig when targeting kings would of been a hoot had it stuck. till next week cheers Lance
Top Brad Burden's 44kg kingi

Left coxy and Roy's puppy's 46kg and 48kg , right brad's baby whale 81kg well one done boys

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