Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Hi all just back from the kings and the word is bill fish, yes marlin and lots of them, not getting to over the top but finally the fish have found the three kings with some great results, fishing the afternoon of day 4 and we went 3 marlin from 4 shots , not epic but bloody good compared to the last couple of trips, not only did we get 3 but we seen tailers and free jumpers as well , the water has improved ten fold to a bright 21c and nice blue lets hope this is the start of some good marlin fishing. bass and puka still hanging in with the best going 50kg and the best kingi 34kg well done guy's till next week cheers Lance

Photo Frank Parata aka Freeman with his 115kg stripey

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Hi all just back from our first of many three kings trips and what a cracker it was. We had Chris Wong and his merry jigging men on the trip , the target was xos kingi's and bass, the place didn't disappoint the best kingi went 44kg and the best bass a whopping 81kg unreal !!! and all on heavy y metal as well. The boys managed 9 kingi's over 30kg, 3 over 35kg and 1 over 40kg not bad in any ones books that's for sure, water temps are freezing up on the banks with 15c on the king bank and not much better on the middldesex. marlin was to be the bonus for this jig only trip and to be fair the coast is fishing ok for marlin but not the kings, in saying that we still managed to hook up a stripey on a jig when targeting kings would of been a hoot had it stuck. till next week cheers Lance
Top Brad Burden's 44kg kingi

Left coxy and Roy's puppy's 46kg and 48kg , right brad's baby whale 81kg well one done boys


Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Hi all just back from the banks and what a goody to end on, the ranfurly has turned out some magic fish this season we are blessed to have such a wonderful fishery on our door steps long may it last. Best beasts this week went to duggy at 51kg bass closely followed by his mate tiki at 48kg two very impressive fish, next on a hot run of kingi's was Jamie's 31kg with many in the late 20's following behind that one.

Some of the bottom bouncing produced good doubles of puka and bluenose great to see the variety and size, some drifts pulling 5 and 6 fish a drift just doesn't get better anywhere. Well as you read this Enchanter and crew head north to the three kings and leave the banks for another season, good thing about most boats going north to finish the year is that ranfurly will not see much pressure from charter boats till oct or november giving the place 7 months or so of rest and the fish to grow BIGGER for next season, will be doing weekly reports from the three kings so stay tuned
till next week cheers Lance

Left dugg and tiki's monster bass

Bottom right results from one drift !!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


David Brian's 31kg kingi and the results of the taxman.
Hi all, the white island kingis are still biting well the best fish of the last couple of trips went to David Brian a very respectable 31kg with close seconds 27kg and 28kg, but we are starting to have problems with the taxman being nasty bronzies that make it hard to land a intact fish. well just a few more trips to do and Enchanter and crew will be heading to the far north till mid June, will keep you posted. till next week cheers Lance

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


top left Hamish Stewart's trifector / top right Alan Stewart's double of puka and bluenose right Gary Marson's 35kg puka

Hamish the fish slayers bluenose the motly crew and there kingi's

Hi all well what a 10 days it has been, First up was the nz sportfishing nationals in which we fished the last six days, our goal was to win the kingfish section and so we did with a clear 1000 points ahead of the nearest rival. we also tagged the most kingfish and won a couple of line classes to boot well done to our team of six , three of them Juniors. We then loaded our next group and steamed down the banks no rest for the wicked, Allen macy and his mates had a great time scoring well at everything they turned there hand too. first up was a hot bite on the kingfish with multiple hook ups and the best going a respectable 28kg, then onto hapuka and bluenose with the best of these going 35kg for puka and 23kg for bluenose. next it was trumpeter and king teras for a clean sweep with Hamish the fish slayer nailing up to 3 kt's at once to finish on fire, well done boys. til next week cheers Lance