Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Hi all white island still firing on the kingfish front. Latest trip was Olex/J.A Russell's waihi gold digger boy's and they had a ball on kingfish to 28kg, lots in the 20-25kg range with everyone nailing a good king and some of them 2 or three. they went on from there to fill a couple of bins with nice fat terakihi not bad for an overnighter that's for sure. Bait fishing at the island has become very hard for some reason but the flyer's are still plentiful and the kingi's love em. till next week Cheers Lance.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Left Karl's 38kg kingi, Right Steven Hyde's 38kg bass well done boy's.

Hi all the banks just keep on producing great trips with the latest one no exception, Steven Hyde and his mates had a ball on kingi's to 38kg and puka and bass to the same weight as well, we had to work on the puka till they came on the bite but when they did it was all go with multiple hook up's and some of the biggest trumpeter i have seen with the largest going 18kg. The next couple of trip's are back to white island so will report next week what we find at the smokey ile. Cheers Lance.

Friday, February 4, 2011


Hi all ranfurly is still firing , on the kingfish front no shortage of solid kings with the last trip finding some good action in the shallows, most fish are 18-20kg with a few touching 30+ to make it interesting, best fish went 32kg. On the puka front good fish to 20kg with the best going 38kg to Aucklander Mark Stevenson well done mark. This brings us too gamefish what a disappointing start to the game season, no charter boat out of Whakatane has landed or tagged a single gamefish hard to believe when we are now going into Feb if it doesn't start soon it's going to be a shocker, we still live in hope. Just as well everything else is biting or we would really have something to moan about. till next week cheers Lance. Left Mark's bass