Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Right Dave healy's group of happy plumbers. left Ben dobson and his mates

Hi all, the last few trips to white have been show stoppers with the kingis on fire , they are in full spawn now and biting there heads off. no real hogs but plenty of fish in the 20-25kg bracket, not uncommon to hook 3 or 4 fish every drift with live baits, jigs, dead baits all working well, even an old shoe would work at the moment it seems. bluenose are starting to come on the bite as they head into there time to spawn with some good catches as well, all a pretty good scene apart from the game fish which continue to be absent, with plenty of boats looking its unreal that there has not been more pelegic's caught, we still live in hope and it's still early. till next week cheers Lance

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