Friday, January 28, 2011


Right dave wilson's 41kg hog

Second right matt brown's 34kg , below left n right fish in there high 20's on poppers

Hi all as the name says it's true madness on the bank at the moment , kingi fishing at it's best with large kingis prowling the shallows attacking anything in there path, as the latest bunch of jiggers from Australia found out. Top water action at it's finest with poppers, stick baits and jigs all being attacked, the amazing spectacle of fish in the high 30-40kg range shouldering each other out of the way to nail the lures was breathtaking to say the least. The group of aussy's all boated fish in the 30's and topped out with a 41kg monster.To there credit very few fish were lost in the epic battles, and all fish other than 1 for sushimi were released to grow bigger and fight another day.

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