Friday, January 7, 2011

ranfurly banks

Tony's 37kg kingi/Right Hamish 35kg

Ben's 32kg puka/ Right Hamish 30kg

Hi all, sorry in my hast to get away for my Christmas holiday i forgot to post our last trip to the banks for 2010, better late than never . The water temps are going threw the roof with 19- 20 c most days, and the kingis are in full spawn biting there heads off taking anything thats offered, nothing short of a war zone was encountered with multiple hookups on good sized fish. the top 2 were 37kg and 35kg with many more going 25-30kg . Some stand out puka were also found in the 30kg bracket taking jigs and cut baits, didn't seem to matter what was put in the water it got bit. best bass came in at 32kg all in all a great last trip with some great blokes cool way to see the year out.

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