Tuesday, December 14, 2010

white island warms up

Top left jason part of the Simon Brown's
104 group.
Top right Adam Vanberlo 35kg kingi
Bottom left Hayden Tompson aka Tomo the destroyer 34kg kingi

Hi all, well the kingis at white are about to burst into the yearly spawning and some impressive fishing going down with it. red hot bites at times with one recent overnight trip telly going 104 king fish for that night and next day, believe me it don't get much better than that anywhere n.z or worldwide for that matter. The next group had the size but not the numbers but who cares when the best two fish go 34kg and 35kg, the bite on other days can be good but timing is the key as they are being wild cards with the bite, some days your bite time is as short as 1hr other days they bite all day, no rime or reason. bottom fishing for puka and bluenose has slowed down with a token amount for the effort, as you read this we are off down the ranfurly for the last trip of 2010, report will be up next week till then cheers Lance.

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