Wednesday, December 1, 2010


above left kojacks 31kg kingi
above right dobys 28kg kingi
left doby hooked up

Hi all, ranfurly banks has fished well the last 2 months and continues to do so, but one must put abit more time and energy into the days to get the results. Our last trip was chris wong and his merry jigging men and the fishing was hard but only in ranfurlys terms, the best kingis went 34kg and 31kg and best puka 25kg i still say a hard day fishing at the furly is like a good day else were, watch this space it will bounce back. Done a few days at white with mixed results , bluenose hard work and not really firing, but a hand full of puka to 15kg are the rewards for the deep drifters, kingis are a afternoon delight for sure very hard to get a bite in the mornings but afternoon its been pretty good with fish to 27kg of late. Water temps are on the rise by the day as you read this we are pushing up to a strong 18 dec plus, roll on the pelegics. All in all not a bad scene and will only improve with the water heating up. Till next week cheers

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