Monday, November 22, 2010

YouTube - 2011 JIGGING MASTER 決戰換日線之刀鋒泳士

YouTube - 2011 JIGGING MASTER 決戰換日線之刀鋒泳士

Hi all, check out this preview of the new jigging master dvd due to be released in 2011. orsum action filmed ranfurly banks.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ranfurly banks 41kg kingi

Above John getting tested.
Right 41kg of mean kingi

Hi all, well the banks continue to turn out some monsters in the way of Tony McKenzie's 41kg kingi which was weighed and releast to fight another day, well done tony. Some fine fish were caught over the 4 day trip with jigging experts YeeHaa tackle from Auckland , with tony not only nailing a 41kg he also got 31kg , 34kg, and a 38kg kingi, the man is just a jigging machine. Bass and puka have continued to slow done, they are still there but you really need to work at it to achieve the results do not know why, maybe the heavy current that is ripping across the bank, causing us to drift at a lightning fast speed of 3 kts to 3.5kts making puka shelter from the storm and hard work to catch. till next week Cheers Lance

Sunday, November 7, 2010

ranfurly banks

Hi all ranfurly banks is still producing some great fishing, size is still up there with the latest trip a goody with brad gardiners 38kg kingi and gareth fredricks 56kg bass, but numbers a tailing off with the boys having to put more time into the fishing to get the results

Gareth's bass

left aron's bass 40kg and his 29kg kingi, below and right brads 38kg kingi. Well done boys
cheers Lance

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Hi all just returned from a weekend at white, bait fishing has picked up with the boys filling the tanks in a very short time, flyers are there but not in any numbers yet this will change soon with the water slowly warming up still cold at 15 odd deg. the main event being the kingis is still slow but if you put the time in you will get the rewards as Mark Graham and his mates found out , well done boys over a weekend with hard fishing best one a tad over 22kg. Cheers Lance