Wednesday, September 8, 2010


steven hard at work

adam's fish 248.2kg

hi all,well with the last trip done and dusted on the westcoast bluefin it was time to head for home back to the bay of plenty, my son adam was on board for the trip home as well as steven and conner who had worked hard for the boys over the last 6 weeks. how can one just steam past all the action and not have ago ourselves, that was it and we agreed to fish for the night and get on the road for the trip back home in the morning. adam was in the chair first and didn't take long to be hooked up with the first runs pulling him out of the chair till the safety line came tight, the boy did a great job on the fish getting to the boat in just 1hr 10min, the call was to keep it for weighing as adam was a Junior at 14 and it may be a record, as well we wanted one for the folks an family back home . next up was steven few more throws and he was bit ,steven worked hard and we tagged his fish in just 56mins est 25okg. conner up next he asks if i want to go next, no way mate i will stick to drivin you go next its easy haha, had to work abit harder to get a bite but after a couble hours conner was bit with the fish peeling him through the trawl cables dam, another couble hours hooked up again only to end the same way, busted on the cables double dam, and with it getting light it was time to get on the long road home. well great way for us to finish the 2010 bluefin season cool as. we will now be pulling enchanter out of the water for some much needed tlc, will be starting up mid october on the ranfurly again,will be doing regular posts from then on so stay tuned. cheers Lance

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Hi all, well this westcoast bluefin season is stunner with some great catches coming in , the last trip was a goody as well with the boys knackered after 1 full on night of action. End result was one 260kg bluefin on the deck and another two let go to fight another day, good to see most groups opting to keep one for eating and tag everything else.