Sunday, May 23, 2010


Right Brian jones 33kg king and 45kg bass

Bottom left Colston Salmon 34kg kingi

Bottom right Andrew cox with his 41kg mule

Hi all, well the word is weather and lots of it, have had to cancel a few trips of late but when we did get out it was all good. Latest trip was the boys from YeeHaa tackle Auckland and the kingi fishing was red hot with everyone on board braking the 30kg mark, and one going 41kg, doesn't get better then that on the reef thugs, best bass went 45kg. All is good apart from marlin, why we don't have better billfish is anyone's guess, with water temps still pushing up to 19 and some days slightly higher, we still hope for a last run fingers crossed. well my last trip for a few months as i hand the helm over to Paul kingi and go back to school . Many people will know paul from his time on Tracker 2, Enchanter will be in good hands. till next time cheers Lance

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Grand slam at the kings

Marc stannard's stripey tagged est 120kg / Brain hodges 90kg sword

Bottom right Graham Gubb's 190kg black marlin

Hi all , well we said this season was going to be a goody and it hasn't disapointed. Just done a grand slam with a 190kg black marlin,90kg sword and est 120kg stripey all in a 24hr period, with some good kingis and bass to go with it. marlin fishing is still not on fire but plenty good enough, I still think we have the best yet to come with many fish still on the coast, time will tell.

Cheers Lance