Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Rob's 31kg king / Mark's 120kg sword

Hi all, well this season is going down as a ripper fishing on all fronts has been good to great, marlin is the only thing that is a bit slower than it should be but just at the kings, back on the coast they are on fire, so one would think they would find there way to the kings and when they do watch out because there is bait to Africa up there. latest trip was the boys from classic fishing club in Auckland , 1 tagged marlin ,best kingi just over 30kg, best bass 42kg, and the show stopper was mark's broadbill swordfish at 120kg. well done boys classic trip.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


left speedy's 38kg right matt's 35kg

Hi all just return from the kings with a very happy bunch of aussys, the best 2 kingis going 35kg and 38kg. jigging was there method of choice and they did it well. the amount of cheering and clapping you would think they had just beaten the allblacks, yeh right. best bass 40kg and some big albacore as well, not bad as no baits were used. well done boys.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Shane,Shaun and Dale's bass

Right top Criss's 36kg kingi
Bottom left Nutheads 37kg kingi

Hi all, the latest trip to the kings was a goody as well. Shane hartstone aka nuthead lead a group of very keen jiggers and had a ball with 6 kingis over 30kg, 3 of them over 35kg, with the best at 37kg doesn't get much better than that on the reef thugs. Best bass was 47kg with second 43kg and third 40kg. All in all great fishing apart from marlin which were very scarce, good water temps and bait, but no one home to chase it this will change. till next week cheers Lance.