Tuesday, December 14, 2010

white island warms up

Top left jason part of the Simon Brown's
104 group.
Top right Adam Vanberlo 35kg kingi
Bottom left Hayden Tompson aka Tomo the destroyer 34kg kingi

Hi all, well the kingis at white are about to burst into the yearly spawning and some impressive fishing going down with it. red hot bites at times with one recent overnight trip telly going 104 king fish for that night and next day, believe me it don't get much better than that anywhere n.z or worldwide for that matter. The next group had the size but not the numbers but who cares when the best two fish go 34kg and 35kg, the bite on other days can be good but timing is the key as they are being wild cards with the bite, some days your bite time is as short as 1hr other days they bite all day, no rime or reason. bottom fishing for puka and bluenose has slowed down with a token amount for the effort, as you read this we are off down the ranfurly for the last trip of 2010, report will be up next week till then cheers Lance.

Friday, December 10, 2010


Hi all , the ranfurly still makes us work for our rewards and the rewards are good but you must stick at it to achieve the goods, latest trip to the banks was all good in the end with the best bass going 56kg and a close second 43kg and then down from there and best kingi 25kg . water temps continue to rise with the prospect of game fish a real thing in the next week or so 19c most days, till next week cheers Lance.
Right bill smally's 56kg bass

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Mike chipman's 37kg bass
jarrard's 30kg kingi well done boys

Hi all, we have just spent the last 5 days or so at white and with great results. the smokey isle is really starting to fire with some hot bites on all fronts, first and foremost the kingis are getting ready for spawning biting much more aggressive and more often as well, no real hogs but a good average of 20-25kg and the odd one pushing up to 30kg. puka have been there but still hard work, the stand out of the week was mike chipmans 37kg bass and his mate going well with 28kg model to boot, bluenose have also been playing ball with a general cable group nailing 9 first drift and 5 on the second drift, not bad 14 bluedogs in 2 drifts with the average at 8-10kg. water temps continue to rise up to 18-19c and some very good water to the north of white, first marlin or tuna is not far away for sure. well not alot to complain about at the moment with the weather orsum and the fishing not far from, the first day we get 20kts of weather its going to kill us. till next week cheers Lance.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


above left kojacks 31kg kingi
above right dobys 28kg kingi
left doby hooked up

Hi all, ranfurly banks has fished well the last 2 months and continues to do so, but one must put abit more time and energy into the days to get the results. Our last trip was chris wong and his merry jigging men and the fishing was hard but only in ranfurlys terms, the best kingis went 34kg and 31kg and best puka 25kg i still say a hard day fishing at the furly is like a good day else were, watch this space it will bounce back. Done a few days at white with mixed results , bluenose hard work and not really firing, but a hand full of puka to 15kg are the rewards for the deep drifters, kingis are a afternoon delight for sure very hard to get a bite in the mornings but afternoon its been pretty good with fish to 27kg of late. Water temps are on the rise by the day as you read this we are pushing up to a strong 18 dec plus, roll on the pelegics. All in all not a bad scene and will only improve with the water heating up. Till next week cheers

Monday, November 22, 2010

YouTube - 2011 JIGGING MASTER 決戰換日線之刀鋒泳士

YouTube - 2011 JIGGING MASTER 決戰換日線之刀鋒泳士

Hi all, check out this preview of the new jigging master dvd due to be released in 2011. orsum action filmed ranfurly banks.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ranfurly banks 41kg kingi

Above John getting tested.
Right 41kg of mean kingi

Hi all, well the banks continue to turn out some monsters in the way of Tony McKenzie's 41kg kingi which was weighed and releast to fight another day, well done tony. Some fine fish were caught over the 4 day trip with jigging experts YeeHaa tackle from Auckland , with tony not only nailing a 41kg he also got 31kg , 34kg, and a 38kg kingi, the man is just a jigging machine. Bass and puka have continued to slow done, they are still there but you really need to work at it to achieve the results do not know why, maybe the heavy current that is ripping across the bank, causing us to drift at a lightning fast speed of 3 kts to 3.5kts making puka shelter from the storm and hard work to catch. till next week Cheers Lance

Sunday, November 7, 2010

ranfurly banks

Hi all ranfurly banks is still producing some great fishing, size is still up there with the latest trip a goody with brad gardiners 38kg kingi and gareth fredricks 56kg bass, but numbers a tailing off with the boys having to put more time into the fishing to get the results

Gareth's bass

left aron's bass 40kg and his 29kg kingi, below and right brads 38kg kingi. Well done boys
cheers Lance

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Hi all just returned from a weekend at white, bait fishing has picked up with the boys filling the tanks in a very short time, flyers are there but not in any numbers yet this will change soon with the water slowly warming up still cold at 15 odd deg. the main event being the kingis is still slow but if you put the time in you will get the rewards as Mark Graham and his mates found out , well done boys over a weekend with hard fishing best one a tad over 22kg. Cheers Lance

Friday, October 29, 2010

ranfurly banks fires up

Pony getting tested

Brian's 28kg kingi

pony's 65kg bass

Tony's 37kg

Hi all great to be back on the water, just completed our first couple of trips and with some good results as well. white island is running abit on again off again on the right day good kingis to 30kg+ the wrong day and its hard as hell, live bait fishing at the island is hard work as well with the boys having to work long and hard to fill the bait tanks, not many flyers yet but watch this space as the water warms up and triggers the kingis into spawning. Ranfurly banks is on fire again with some unreal action on the kingis, we have just had pony Liu from jigging master and tony from yeehaa fishing tackle do a 5 day dvd shoot with some stunning results.To sum it up heres some of the numbers best kingis went 12 over 30kg with 3 over 35kg and lost one at the side of the boat that was over 40kg, best bass 65kg, 51kg and 40kg all on jigs, watch for the dvd to be out in stores jan or feb makes some great viewing move over matt watson. keep an eye on our news page as we will be doing regular reports from now until june. cheers Lance

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


steven hard at work

adam's fish 248.2kg

hi all,well with the last trip done and dusted on the westcoast bluefin it was time to head for home back to the bay of plenty, my son adam was on board for the trip home as well as steven and conner who had worked hard for the boys over the last 6 weeks. how can one just steam past all the action and not have ago ourselves, that was it and we agreed to fish for the night and get on the road for the trip back home in the morning. adam was in the chair first and didn't take long to be hooked up with the first runs pulling him out of the chair till the safety line came tight, the boy did a great job on the fish getting to the boat in just 1hr 10min, the call was to keep it for weighing as adam was a Junior at 14 and it may be a record, as well we wanted one for the folks an family back home . next up was steven few more throws and he was bit ,steven worked hard and we tagged his fish in just 56mins est 25okg. conner up next he asks if i want to go next, no way mate i will stick to drivin you go next its easy haha, had to work abit harder to get a bite but after a couble hours conner was bit with the fish peeling him through the trawl cables dam, another couble hours hooked up again only to end the same way, busted on the cables double dam, and with it getting light it was time to get on the long road home. well great way for us to finish the 2010 bluefin season cool as. we will now be pulling enchanter out of the water for some much needed tlc, will be starting up mid october on the ranfurly again,will be doing regular posts from then on so stay tuned. cheers Lance

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Hi all, well this westcoast bluefin season is stunner with some great catches coming in , the last trip was a goody as well with the boys knackered after 1 full on night of action. End result was one 260kg bluefin on the deck and another two let go to fight another day, good to see most groups opting to keep one for eating and tag everything else.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Hi all, great to be out of the classroom and back onboard. Man and to go full steam into these freight trains of the sea. Just returned with the boys from yeehaa fishing tackle in Auckland and what a trip, First up steamed the 40+ miles to the grounds getting there around 10pm, started fishing on one of the big hoki trawlers ENTERPRIZE which is a kiwi boat with some great blokes that run it, of note last year our best nights fishing was from this boat with us tagging 5 and losing 2 so expectations were high as we pitched our first bait , and so on with no real action for the first hour or too. We were sounding tuna but they were staying deep too deep for the surface baits , steve rigged up a diver and on the next pass we were bit. Tony was on 130lb stand up tackle and did a great job nailing the fish est 280kg tagged and released in 15 min unreal time for a fish of that size . That was to set the stage for what happened next, another hour or so we hooked up on 130lb stand up tackle again and settled into the fight 1hr 2hrs 3hrs and so on never even seeing the trace till about the 6hr mark , but then the fish took off deep for another 100mtr run , with our angler on the ropes and not able to go on the boys decided for sum tag wrestling. with a fresh angler up we thought no worries, we will have the fish at the boat pronto not so. For the next 5 hours this fish wore the 4 of our group out all taking turns on the rod until 11 hours 10 mins after hooking up, did we get a shot of the trace. The call was to keep the bastard for eating since it had caused so much grief,and with the weather turning pear shaped and the boys nackerd the call was to head for westport weighing the fish in at 249kg. Goes to show that these fish cannot be under estimated 1 taking 15 mins and the next 15 hours , we have seen this a few times in the last couple of years were 2 fish of the same size can fight so different, you normally get a early shot of the trace, and if you miss that early shot she's a hard road with them really digging there toes in, hats off to the boys they did a great job and won in the end. Cheers til next time Lance

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Right Brian jones 33kg king and 45kg bass

Bottom left Colston Salmon 34kg kingi

Bottom right Andrew cox with his 41kg mule

Hi all, well the word is weather and lots of it, have had to cancel a few trips of late but when we did get out it was all good. Latest trip was the boys from YeeHaa tackle Auckland and the kingi fishing was red hot with everyone on board braking the 30kg mark, and one going 41kg, doesn't get better then that on the reef thugs, best bass went 45kg. All is good apart from marlin, why we don't have better billfish is anyone's guess, with water temps still pushing up to 19 and some days slightly higher, we still hope for a last run fingers crossed. well my last trip for a few months as i hand the helm over to Paul kingi and go back to school . Many people will know paul from his time on Tracker 2, Enchanter will be in good hands. till next time cheers Lance

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Grand slam at the kings

Marc stannard's stripey tagged est 120kg / Brain hodges 90kg sword

Bottom right Graham Gubb's 190kg black marlin

Hi all , well we said this season was going to be a goody and it hasn't disapointed. Just done a grand slam with a 190kg black marlin,90kg sword and est 120kg stripey all in a 24hr period, with some good kingis and bass to go with it. marlin fishing is still not on fire but plenty good enough, I still think we have the best yet to come with many fish still on the coast, time will tell.

Cheers Lance

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Rob's 31kg king / Mark's 120kg sword

Hi all, well this season is going down as a ripper fishing on all fronts has been good to great, marlin is the only thing that is a bit slower than it should be but just at the kings, back on the coast they are on fire, so one would think they would find there way to the kings and when they do watch out because there is bait to Africa up there. latest trip was the boys from classic fishing club in Auckland , 1 tagged marlin ,best kingi just over 30kg, best bass 42kg, and the show stopper was mark's broadbill swordfish at 120kg. well done boys classic trip.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


left speedy's 38kg right matt's 35kg

Hi all just return from the kings with a very happy bunch of aussys, the best 2 kingis going 35kg and 38kg. jigging was there method of choice and they did it well. the amount of cheering and clapping you would think they had just beaten the allblacks, yeh right. best bass 40kg and some big albacore as well, not bad as no baits were used. well done boys.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Shane,Shaun and Dale's bass

Right top Criss's 36kg kingi
Bottom left Nutheads 37kg kingi

Hi all, the latest trip to the kings was a goody as well. Shane hartstone aka nuthead lead a group of very keen jiggers and had a ball with 6 kingis over 30kg, 3 of them over 35kg, with the best at 37kg doesn't get much better than that on the reef thugs. Best bass was 47kg with second 43kg and third 40kg. All in all great fishing apart from marlin which were very scarce, good water temps and bait, but no one home to chase it this will change. till next week cheers Lance.