Monday, February 23, 2015

Ranfurly Bank still going strong

Allan with the 37kilo fatty 
Hi all, just back from a great trip to ranfurly with the boy's from highway stabiliser's, The boys got into some some pretty good sessions on the king fish using abit of everything from live baits to stick baits an the biggest King sling weighed at 37kg!! a hog of a fish aswel as many more nice fish, We certainly worked hard with the bottom fishing but the end result speaks for it self with the boys catching Bass an Puka up to 38kg's!!!
Till next time.
Cheers Steve.
Allan with his 28kg Puka

Johns 38kg bass

Bruiser with a nice puka at 33kg's

John with a fish in the mid twenty's

Trever hooked up!!!

Giff with a 31kg king

Trev's  33kg King

Griff with another nice Puka

Allan's 28kg King

Another nice shot of the 37kg horse

Saturday, February 21, 2015

More Three King Mules

Nice stripey on the trace
Hi all, Just back from another stunning trip with some hard core jiggers from Jigstar Africa. This was a trip first and foremost about jigging for big kingis, but as as you can see there is plenty of marlin about as well, we never actually targeted marlin just trolled lures between kingi spots and we tagged 4 from 7 bites, man makes me wonder what would have happened if we had spent some time targeting them. The Kingis bit well with many in the 30’s and 2 over 40kg with the best a huge 45kg fish, many more monsters were lost that either reefed the boys up or busted line or leader. If you have a trip up here I would like you to think very carefully about your tackle, we see trip after trip the boys being owned by monster fish and busting main lines mostly, you pay a lot of money to get to the Three kings and the only thing that holds you to that fish of a lifetime is your terminal tackle SO GO HEAVY , If it was me I would fish 130lb braid and 150lb fluro, many of our return clients do and notice no change in the bite except went hooked to a giant they land it, not lose it. The three kings is not like other places that receive a lot of pressure with fish becoming line shy, please think about it. Till next week Cheers Lance.

Jack with a solid 28kg kingi

Jack bang on 30kg

Jack again with a sold 32kg model

Norm happy with his 32kg
Norm breaks into  the 32kg bracket

Rod at 31kg

Glenn nice average of 27kg

Sean happy with his 29kg model

Glenn hog 34kg

Rod's mule at 42kg

Jack locked in battle

Rod's monster 46kg kingi huge!!!!

Edwin happy as with this stripey

Nice shot of Jacks stripey

Sean's stripey playing up on the trace

Nice shot of Sean's stripey

Monday, February 16, 2015

Three Kings Simply Magic

Rob 33kg
 Hi all, well Enchanter has just returned from our first of many Three kings trips, and wow wow wow, Fishing at it's finest on all fronts was encountered. Everything the boys turned their hand to turned to gold, Kingi fishing doesn't get much better with a stunning line up of monster kings, Bass to 48kg with many close behind. While jigging for kingi's Brett and Randy both at the same time hooked striped marlin yes a double on jigs, Photo's say a thousand words so check out these bad boy's. Till next week  Cheers Lance.   
Pirate's beast at 45kg !!!!

Randy 33kg

Jimmy 32kg

Pirate's 40kg bass

Randy's 35kg bass

Ethan 31kg

Randy with yet another over 30 kg

Pirate 31kg

Ethan with this sharked kingi that still weighed 35kg

Rob's  hog at 38kg

Pirate again brakes the 30kg mark

Randy's mule at 37kg

Brett's monster bass 48kg

Nice Stripey about to be released

Jimmy happy with his first Marlin

Pirate yet again and again smashes 30kg overs

Brett's jig caught stripey  Look at the jig in it's mouth !!

Phil about to release Ethan stripey

Pirate more monsters at 39kg

Brett with a nice 27kg kingi