Friday, April 17, 2015

Three Kings Between The Gales

Chris hooked up
 Hi all, just back from another great Kings trip with some good al kiwi boys wanting to get tangled with some Three king monsters, and tangle they did in between the gales. We had to put up with some plain old snapper fishing with the best going 9kg's for a couple of days as the gales abated, but when we got back to the kings it was all go on monster Bass to 48kg and huge kingi's to 40kg. Man you gota love this place, water temps have taken a bit of a hit with the cold south westerly's but there are still marlin around with one falling off after pulling some string. Till next week cheers Lance.
Chris stoked with this monster that went 40kg on the button

Paul with a nice snapper

Gazza with a good red

Gazza breaks into the 30kg club with this 33kg king

Steve's big Red

Paul with this huge 48kg mule

Gazza close behind at 45kg

Steve on the big boy's at 47kg

Paul with a nice king in the mid 20's

Chad 30kg

Gazza with a monster 37kg pig

Chris bent bad on the heavy gear

Chris 34kg fatty

Steve 27kg

Chris yet again breaks the 30's with this 35kg mule

Steve solid  Bass

Chad horse at 44kg

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Three Kings on fire week after week

Matt hooked up
Hi all just back from another great week at the Three kings with bunch of mad keen kiwi boy's looking for a big king fish an they sure done that catching big kings up to 34kilo's aswel as many more nice size fish to test them an their gear out.
The boys were Lucky enough to come across a stripy on the way up aswel around 80kg which was a nice way to break the day up. Bottom fishing was awesome with the biggest nearly at he 50kg mark but just under at 48kg, a very nice fish, aswel as some puka's an nice bluenose for the chili bins. It's great to have this awesome fishing day after day on both kingi's an bass.
Till next time cheers Steve 
Josh with a nice 32kg Kingi

Robo getting smoked!!!

Goose with a fat 34hg King

Jason's 48kilo Bass

Robo's 31kg

Josh with a 28kg fish

Grouch testing his rod

Jason with his 80kg stripy

Matts nice Bass

Matt with a king in the high 20's

Jason's 31kg

Josh with a 32kg

Josh with another just under the 30kg mark

Meny with a nice fat bluenose

Goose with a 30k King

Jase with a fat 33kg monster

Goose again with a 31kg Kingi

Spaz with with his 34kilo hog!

Matts 32kilo King

Jase hooked up to a marlin

100% drift on bass  (seven rod's!!!!)

Robo's 27kilo Hapuka

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Three Kings More Monsters

Macky happy with his 30kg kingi

Tobey 32kg
 Hi all, well as the title states more monsters keep on showing up at the Kings,  Bass and Hapuka fishing has been great with many double headers of both species, and size with the best bass going just under 50kg and the best hapuka going a very respectable 39kg. Kingi fishing again has been strong with Nutty man's monster that went 44kg many more in the high and low 30's as well, Marlin fishing slowed a little this week with only one shot had, but to be fair we didn't really spend much time targeting them. Till next week cheers Lance  
Tobey nice 29kg fish around the islands

Nutty man's monster 44kg kingi

Another shot to try and show the size of this 44kg monster

Nev monster 21kg bluenose

Brad and Tobey show off the puka 

All the boys on a hot puka bite

Elbow's monster double header

Nev with a nice Bass

Bear Dog with his Bass

Macky with a solid Bass

Elbow with the best Bass at 48kg

Cookie with his solid double

Macky with another good fish around the islands

Brad getting tested hard

Elbow's 28kg kingi

Tobey with yet another over 30kg

Brad just under the 30kg mark

Bear Dog with a fatty that went 34kg